About Peter

I’ve been a pastor for 32 years in the United Church of Christ (a progressive Protestant Christian denomination) and a coach-in-training with the International Coaching Federation. I am accountable to the professional standards and guidelines of my denomination and the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation.  I’ve also been an active member of Cho Bo Ji, a Rinzai Zen Buddhist community in Seattle for 16 years.

Recognizing that all individuals live within communities and a society that are impacted by systems of oppression and privilege, I value dialogue that helps name systemic barriers that can impact the process of change for people. I know how my own socialization and identities impact how I show up with others. In particular, I know that walking through the world as a white person is a dramatically different experience than it is for people of color. As a coach, I commit to doing the ongoing work of learning and reflection that increases my understanding of how oppression operates and how I can work with others in the transformation of both self and society.

I take my own continuing education and spiritual growth seriously. I have done training with the Faith Trust Institute, The Center for Courage and Renewal, Allies for Change (Doing Our Own Work Anti-Racism Program for White People), the Pacific Institute, and the Landmark Forum. 

I’m a sailor, runner, cyclist and poor swimmer.  I love to write, paint and have conversations.   I’ve had several coaches that have worked and currently work with me on my own growth.  I can testify to the huge difference they have made in helping me move forward in my life.