Coaching is an inquiry into your way of being in the world, opening up the possibility of who you want to be and helping you get there.  

Coaching can be confronting.  Our identities keep us where we are and coaching is about taking us into our possibilities. I am committed to standing for you, the possibilities you set out for yourself and helping you get where you want to go.  I will work with you to set goals and together we’ll make a plan to meet those goals.

What to expect

  • Coaching typically takes place in a 30-min conversation on the phone
  • It’s important for you to be in a place where you can be completely focused on the call.
  • Each week you’ll have homework assignments and it’s important that you make the time to complete what you set out for yourself to finish.

Coaching isn’t about fixing people or solving problems.  

Coaching is based on the conviction that you already have the skills and talents within you to live into the life you are hoping for.

A coach helps you bring forth your gifts through providing a space for deep listening and asking open-ended questions. 

If you decide that you are more committed to moving forward than staying where you are, coaching may well be for you and I’d be delighted to set up a plan to work with you.