My Heart is Full of Thanks

Conference Moderator

I completed my second and final year as Moderator of the Pacific Northwest Conference at the Conference Annual Meeting – April 27-29. One pastor said “This was the best annual meeting I have attended in my 32 years in ministry here.” It was a good ending to my two years in leadership as Moderator. I took on this position with a commitment from the board to help lead into change. I celebrate that we broke through some of our stuck places and found new ways to meet and gather and step into a renewed focus for our ministry and mission – deepening relationship.

Sabbatical Coverage

I enjoyed ministry challenges and learning as I took on new responsibilities during David Anderson’s sabbatical this year. I enjoyed working more closely with Council, Personnel, and working with Wendy Blight, our interim administrator. Thanks to great leadership – Carol Bryant, Jan Von Lehe and Margaret Stine!

Continuing to Learn

This Spring, I was blessed by being able to attend a six-day racial justice training: Doing our Own Work – An Anti-Racism Seminar for White People, co-led by Diane Schmitz, our co-consultant for our racial justice initiative. I celebrate the great ministry with our Racial Justice Action Team leadership – Toni Higgs, Carol Hamilton, Gwen Sweeny, Rosh Doan, Ginger Warfield and working with our Racial Justice Consultants – Diane Schmitz and Cynthia MacLeod to lead trainings/conversations on race with UCUCC staff, Seabeck teachers and UCUCC church leadership.

Parish Care

I treasure the privilege of walking with members and friends of our congregation in “trials of the spirit and times of joy.” Parish Care Associate, Judy Strausz-Clement, provided such wonderful support for this ministry to Amy, Catherine, our congregation and me in extending our outreach and connecting our ways of care. We are so grateful for her ministry with us and miss her deeply.

Liturgical Art Endowment

Judy asked to be remembered through gifts to the new Liturgical Arts Endowment which will help our congregation continue to deepen and grow our arts ministry.  It has been a gift to work with artist-in-residence, Kris Garratt, writer-in-residence Debra Jarvis, Judy Strausz-Clement, Lori Vanderbilt, Carolyn Stark, Betty Spieth-Croll, Beth Amsbary, and Yale Lewis, chair of the Worship and Music Ministry to move this proposal forward.

Come for a Sail

Come for a sail with me this Spring or Summer for an hour on Lake Union, or join me for tea. I look forward to hearing what you have been exploring, learning, growing with this season.

In faith, hope and love,

~ Peter Ilgenfritz