I was told if you ever hear God’s voice calling you, you should first check it out with some trusted friends. I’d heard a call that I didn’t know if I wanted to follow – a call to leave my beloved kindred, place and home – and go to where God was showing me.  And … Continue reading Go

No Turning Back

Turn back, he said, it’s all fogged in,  you can’t see a thing up top - We waited half an hour,  he went on -  pressing his frustration on us, then gave up. We paused listening wondering if we should go with his experience or make our own wondering if this weather report was relevant … Continue reading No Turning Back

Love Warrior

I posted this last summer and am re-posting it now as Glennon Doyle is coming to University Congregational Church on Friday night September 14 - and you definitely want to come if you can!  Like me - she might surprise you! Here's my post from right after our General Synod Gathering of the United Church … Continue reading Love Warrior

Will God Forgive Us?

The destruction of the planet, the extinction of humanity, the sell-out of organized religion and our collective imagination to the concerns and agendas of the economic bottom line and the control of mega-corporations…..In it all - Will God forgive us? I mean, forgive us for what we have done and what we have left undone … Continue reading Will God Forgive Us?


Bruce and Julia are moving to Canada.  Rose sold her home in Seattle of 53 years and now lives with her daughter and her husband, their dog and a cat on a farm in “the far north”.  Anna left her job to pick up two new jobs in order to provide space and energy to … Continue reading Migrating