“The rejection and disappointment are critical training modules for you…Embrace it. Take detailed notes on the cycles of emotion, the kinds of stories you tell yourself, how you are reacting to others ‘kind words’, openness (or not) to other ideas and connections, how you are diminishing yourself, etc. Bottom line: get curious!” And so in … Continue reading This

Not This

The last two months since I have written have been wrapped up in a lot of fuss and fury. Learning about a job…writing the application…submitting the application…waiting to hear….a phone interview….waiting to hear….an invitation for an in-person interview….a marathon interview….waiting to hear….waiting to hear….and not wanting to hear that alas, the job did not come … Continue reading Not This

The River

The Wisconsin River Sometimes saying YES makes all the difference. Last week I had a chance to say thank you one more time for a conversation and an invitation that led to my summer-turning-to-fall-trip-of-discovery. It was back in February when one drizzly Seattle afternoon I called Aram to introduce myself and talk with him about … Continue reading The River