after all this
a poem is emerging –
I mean,
after the divorce,
the loss of
so many names
that spoke of home,
and told me who I was.

september 2014 088

after all this
a poem is emerging
in a bright red car
and new address
shiny silver pots and
sparkling blue plates,
pictures on the wall
and a voice who calls
me to be true –
call it, myself –
a language I am
still learning to

september 2014 090

after all this
my life,
is turning
to song.

september 2014 092

Peter Ilgenfritz
September 23, 2014

3 thoughts on “Poem”

  1. I don’t know you but I think I have had some similar feelings. You must have traveled pretty deep, far down inside. You have a true case of honesty and sometimes it hurts. Thank you for sharing. Corky


  2. Peter, This loss business has its own time I’ve discovered, and we move in and out of our sense of who we are without those particular mooring points. I’m deeply touched by this week’s poem and by the hopefulness and light in it. Blessings in this tender journey. Carol


    1. Thank you Carol for writing – and yes, this hopefulness and light for us all to shine along life’s way of loss and new life,



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