Summer Vacation

In New England long ago, the Unitarian Churches in Boston used to close for the summer. Some good church-goers headed north to their june 2015 055   cottages in Maine. Some went fishing. Some slept in on Sundays.

I have heard it said that the Unitarians were the only church that trusted that if they took a break for the summer, their congregations would faithfully gather again in the fall.

I haven’t been as good as my Unitarian cousins in risking putting things down for the summer in the expectation that once fall comes, I will return in a new way. But this summer, I’m trying that on.

I have a writing project that I am compelled to complete – or at least find my next step in the process this summer. The completion of a writing project necessitates the need for time. Time to write. And time to stare at the wall, scribble, grab a cup of water, take off on my bike and scribble again in my tiny red notebook. How writing often looks to me.

So in order to steal some time in my schedule, I am taking a summer vacation from The Comma and will return to writing in September as summer turns to fall.

For now, a time to put down for something else to be.

My hope, my prayer is with you,
and me this summer season,
that in whatever we decide to put down,
we might make room for the gift,
we have longed to receive.

See you in the fall,


june 2015 037

4 thoughts on “Summer Vacation”

  1. What a glorious summer it is! Thank you for your blessing and your prayer, Peter.
    Leslie & I have been in New England the past two weeks, and we met the stealers of time, and its names are Concord Capers, or even more so, Cape Cod Distractions! We just returned to Seattle and are now trying out what it means to make time for receiving the gift we each deeply desire…
    For me, it is also as for you, time to write. I gave a talk at the Thoreau Society annual gathering a week ago last Thursday, and received many compliments, with a hook: they were accompanied by urgings to write up what I had to say! So, now I too feel a compulsion to write the puppy up!
    May you find time to sail and muse, and perhaps to see in your mind’s eye an unseasonable vision of challenging weathered straits, the narrow, dire, ones, ultimately joyfully (and miraculously) negotiated — with a home-port arrival to be celebrated at the completion of your project!


    1. Thank you Dennis! And here’s to us all in the next step in “completing” those projects that make our heart sing! Peter


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