10 Minutes

10 Minutes

august 2016 182

At the top of the hill by the traffic signal she waves me down,

A little woman with a large plastic box waving her arms,

Help.  Help me.  I need you help me. 10 minutes, 10 minutes.

I look over at her, the expectant, hopeful look in her eyes.

I look at the plastic box there by her feet, a jumble of cloth and small pieces of wood, a red ceramic bowl and shiny porcelain figurines.

The light changes to green, the traffic begins to roll forward.

She looks at my bike rack, sees my hesitation as an invitation.

She’ll make do with what she’s got.  Today, a confused man with a bike rack, he’ll do.

august 2016 183

She starts to lift up her box.

Here, I’ll help you, I say, and help her place the box gently on the rack.

10 minutes, 10 minutes, she says, waving her hands down the long street of trees ahead.

The light changes.  We walk across the intersection, she walking behind,

Balancing the box with her small hands, black hair bobbing up and down.

I’m Peter, I say.

Mai, she says.

august 2016 179

I wonder how she got to this corner with this big plastic box.

I wonder where’s she’s been.

I wonder who she is.

august 2016 185

So many questions, so many different worlds.

And now, this:  a man, a bike and a black haired woman with a plastic box.

august 2016 181

Down the street she waves me

Down past the burnt black remains of what was once a house.

Down past the fancy pink house with a red car trunk open in the drive and a woman taking out her grocery bags.

Down the street she clammers on, 10 minutes.  10 minutes. 

Down and around the corner where a small black haired woman steps out of a house,

Sees us coming and throws her hands in the air.

The women cry out in exclamation and delight.

Everywhere, everywhere, there is laughter.


Peter Ilgenfritz

8 thoughts on “10 Minutes”

    1. I am reminded again and again that our lives, our days, are made of such simple stories. I am grateful now and again to pause and remember them and the wonder of what happens in 10 minutes in a day,



    1. Alleluia to that! Confusion turning to action! And thankful for those who help point the way so we can do just that!



    1. Thanks Debra for writing and yes I wonder what 10 minutes out of our day might open in surprise, wonder and delight for us all today!



    1. Thanks Candace – and this was a great reminder for me of what 10 minutes in a day can do and how the wonder of God is waiting there along the sidewalk for us. Peter


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