“It’ll Be Fun!”

img_8093I ask my sister, one more time, just to make sure I heard her right….Nan, you would like me to do – what?

Drive to Portland during rush hour this Thursday, pick me up at the airport and run 199 miles.  

Run 199 miles! By myself!  Are you kidding?

No, that would not be fun!  We’ll be on a relay team with 10 other people.  It’ll be fun! 

What kind of “fun” people would do this kind of “fun” thing?

About 12,000 mainly lanky, extremely well fit young people in their 20’s and 30’s.  And yes, a few middle agers like us – and even some old people!   img_5657

How long will this “fun” 199 mile race take?

About 30 hours.

30 hours!  That doesn’t sound fun!

Oh it will be!  We’ll start at 1:30 on Friday afternoon and finish by 7:00 on Saturday night – just in time for a great fun dinner!  We’ll each run three segments of the race.    


Yes, you’ll run three segments of about 6-8 miles.  

When will I run these “segments”?

After I run us down off Mount Hood on Friday afternoon, you’ll run us up a big hill and though it will be about 95 degrees….



It’ll be fun!  We’ll pass you a bag of ice along the way and cheer you on!

And then you’ll run at 3:15 on Saturday morning when it will be a nice cool 55 degrees…

What!  We run at night?


It’s fun!  I have head lamps and knuckle lights you can flash at the trucks to keep them out of your way as you run down Route 30.

Knuckle lights?

You’ll see. They’re fun!  And finally on Saturday afternoon all you’ll have to do is run 3 miles up a mountain and 3 miles down and then you’re done!


And a family will be running a hamburger stand out of their garage just where you finish!  How fun! 

How will we get around for all these “fun” activities?

We’ll rent vans that we’ll decorate with our names, our road kill and fun things like that.


Road kill!

Oh, that’s just a fun way of keeping track of the number of runners our team will pass. 

I’m afraid I’ll be “road kill” for a lot of other teams!

Don’t worry!  You’ll do fine!  It’s just for fun! 

So, where will we sleep after all this “fun” running?

In the van.

In the van?  But we’ll be sweaty and smelly after running….Where will we change our clothes?

In the van.


Where will we shower? Don’t tell me “in the van”!

No! Of course not!  We won’t.  Instead, we’ll use towels and baby wipes to clean ourselves. 


It’s like camping – but without the tent and sleeping bag and mattress pad!  It’s fun! 

Where will we eat? No, don’t tell me –

In the van.

And what delicious food are you promising me we’ll eat?

I’ve got granola bars and Gatorade and we’ll have Cup-of-Noodles on Saturday after your night run.  Fun things like that.  


And just when will we be able to sleep?

When we can.  We’ll get out to cheer our team members on as they start and finish their races.

And just how do you expect I’ll get back to work at church on Sunday morning?

We’ll catch a bus to Portland from the coast on Saturday night and you’ll leave at 4:30 on Sunday morning to drive back to Seattle – just in time for church! 

And what do I get for taking part in all this “fun”?

A tee shirt – and a medal!



It’ll be fun!

It’ll be fun?

Yes!  It’ll be fun!  Very fun!


18 thoughts on ““It’ll Be Fun!””

    1. Thanks Joel! Yes, life sometimes calls us into the TOOOO Much and we wonder what the heck we are doing – but glad we took the plunge and did it anyway!



    1. How could I have forgotten!!! Hope you are well! It took me a week plus to recover – but now back on the road again!



    1. Thanks Debra – and yes, the things we do that we would never have thought do or dream of doing or maybe ever do again – but so glad we took the risk and did!



  1. Peter, Unbelievable what some people call fun. I would call it an adventure but I do see that you were smiling along the way. What great memories you are storing up of so many wonderful adventures. You are stepping – or running – fully into life. I call it inspirational.


    1. Thanks Carol – and yes sometimes despite ourselves running into life is the only way to go. May we all in whatever ways we get there keep on the road of discovery and adventure and where the Spirit is calling us today!



  2. What a fun adventure and to do it with your sister! Wish I was quite a few years younger and could do something like that.

    Maxine Larson


    1. Maxine – thanks for your note! I think the type of things we do change and certainly have for me over the years but the call to the adventuring in however intimate or small ways it comes remains. You make me think on this in new ways. The risk of letting go of the walker. The risk to try something new. The risk of the conversation we need to have. Thank you!



    1. Yes – you and Erin so inspire me for what you did in that “fun” weekend as well! All sorts of ways to take part in the call to adventure and doing what we probably never thought of doing – or might ever do again!



      1. Erin Johnson here, Yes I still can’t believe we took part in all that craziness! I’m brave about some things, but walking alone down a highway in the middle of the night isn’t one of them! Still, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and my greatest fear of somehow losing my way in the dark and getting lost didn’t materialize. There really were people with lighted beacons to signal each turn. I have learned my lesson though. When someone asks, “Will you do this. It’ll be fun,” I’m going to remember to ask for details before I agree to do it. So… dirty, sore, hungry, tired, smelly, slightly petrified- will any of those descriptors apply to the “fun?” Really, though, I did have a blast.


      2. Erin – Thanks Erin! So so well put! Yes – dirty, sore, smelly, slightly petrified – and….really though I did have a blast. Me too – and part of it, yes, came in doing those things I never ever wanted to do like traveling alone down a highway in the middle of the night! There really is something in all of this about the adventure that is faith and trust. Something here in all of this that I with you want to remember! Peter


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