Morning Run

A man on a park bench looks

out at the solitary gull perched

on a log floating

in the middle of the lake.

A young man who has just started

to grow a beard leans

forward on the stone wall watching

the white sailboats rolling

in the waves, knocking

gently on the dock.

A woman with curly blond hair and a flowing

black dress strides

down the walk, right arm raised,

palm outstretched, shading

her eyes from the sun.

A little girl in a pink dress holds

her father’s hand tight, leans

down to touch

the puddle, to stroke

the water with her fingers.

The puddle ripples.

A little boy holds

hands with his older brother and his mother, swings

back and forth, jumps

up and


Hush now, hush, his mother says,

Give me a minute.

I’m just trying to figure out

which way to go.


(The picture of that exquisite bird is from my friend Esther Elizabeth.)

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