Shadow Biking

I never made my destination

That perfect spot I imagined

To view the eclipse

Through special glasses I did not have

Or a pinprick hole on paper I did not bring


For on the way to where I planned to go

On that windy, shadowed road

I was transfixed by a way

Turned bright with crescent moons

Or a great flight of migratory birds

Stopped, stared, took photos,

Tried to hold light,

Finger shadows


Further on, chickens,

And a men jogging down the road,

Helped him find his reading glasses

Lost in the grass

While chasing the fowl off the road

Where are we going?

And why am I always so certain I’ll make it?

How often miss I the destination where I’ve been all the time


How do you read the signs of the times?

Have you as I been too cautious in love?

Not risked disruption enough,

Made complacency your home?

Look! The chickens have flown the coop

The crowds emptied the offices of

Monday morning productivity


Am I making too much of it or not enough?

A partiality I am reticent to embrace

A happiness I am reluctant to find

A turn in the road eclipsing

All that I thought I was about

Look!  A crescent moon lights the face shadowed in tears

The whole world converted to

This spectacle of light!

Peter Ilgenfritz/Monday, August 21, 2017