Mud Season

It sure feels like March in New England.  

In between, as winter turns to spring.  The driveway thaws and turns to mud.  The snow melting, birds singing.  And what’s that I see on my weather app on my phone – snow next week on Wednesday and Friday?!  We’re getting to spring – and not quite there yet.  

A community in-between as some of us have had one and even two vaccines while others won’t have our vaccines for a while yet.  

And yes, we are so looking forward to gathering again in person at church.  We’ve missed being together a lot.  A small task group made up of the Trustees and Deacons are beginning to investigate what it will take to return to public gatherings.  

Amidst the planning, the schools are shut this week due to a Covid-19 exposure.  Some of our children and church families are in quarantine.

These in-between times can be challenging for all of us in different ways. 

I wonder what difference it might make if in our own ways we kept our loved ones, our church family, our community, our leaders, our country in our prayers each day as we make this turn from what has been into what will be. 

I wonder what difference it might make if in our own ways we sought to bring extra understanding and curiosity with one another as we are and will be in different places and of different minds of how we’d like this transition to play out.  

I wonder what difference it might make if we listened to one another with care as we all discover our way to again do something we’ve never done before.  

In this in-between time, Easter comes as it always does with the promise that despite any evidence to the contrary that a surprising, unexpected New Life is before us. 

And yes, truly, in its many ways Easter is before us, Easter is coming. 

My thanksgiving, hope and prayers are with you!


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