This Year’s Pentecost

As we mark Pentecost this year, the “birthday” of the Christian Church, I’m particularly reminded that it’s not just a Church way back then that we remember, but the Church and our particular churches, that are being born anew this season. Not just the Spirit back then in the story-world speaking to the followers of Jesus, but the Spirit speaking to us and to the church today. 

Next Sunday we’ll be beginning to explore and learn what it means to be a new church that will welcome some of us each week for in-person worship while many of us will continue to connect on live-stream.  The word “hybrid” church is all over church leadership conversations these days.  You can tell it’s a new season for the church for every church leader I’ve read or talked to keeps saying “I don’t know” about where the church is going and what it all means for the future of the church.  All anyone seems to know is that it is different – and that it is just the time we need to discern and follow the Spirit’s lead. 

All of which means these times may be an exciting time for some of us and distressing for others of us.   And yes, discombobulating for all of us some of the time.  

For something happened to us this past year that we may not even be able to recognize or name.  Something is happening to us now that is unfolding. The good news is that we are a people called out by the Spirit and in this together learning and discerning and finding out together.

May we all go well, be well these days in the Spirit of Change.  My hopefulness, heart and prayer is with us all.

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