Thank You

The last morning before heading East. Sitting here on the stoop at Phil’s and all I can do is say thank you, thank you, thank you, over and over again, thank you. 

Thank you for a 6 day hike on the AT, for camping 5 nights out like I wanted to do, for nights alone on a mountain top and by a roaring stream. For watching the fog lift off the pond.  A contemplative ramble.

Than you for two bonus hikes when I return – for Kineo and Borestone and Pebble Beach. For talking to the couple last night at the bar at Kelly’s and the kid at the Indian Store who directed me there. Thank you for the young man who stepped off the trail to be responsible to his three month old son. Thank you for the couple doing laundry, and getting to meet Guy who is hiking the trail with a brain injury. 

Thank you for the call of the loon and the moan of the moose in the fog, for talks and texts with friends and family in the parking lot of the Monson General Store.  

Thank you for the gift of meeting Eric the piano player from church and his mom on the trail, for falling leaves through a burst of color. Thank you for the release of leaves.  

Thank you to the chattering squirrel. For wonder and possibility and all of it. For who knows and I wonder what. For knowing what needs doing and doing it. Thank you for good sweat and tears. For Trail Magic generosity that ends up gifting me. For walking in beauty below, above, all around.  

Thank you for the little boy who finds a red salamander and holds it in his hand. For the people who made it to the top who thought they never would. For the mom and her son at the top of the fire-tower, he with his sneakers and how he explains that he made it over the sharp rocks with them but doesn’t want to go down that way. For safe passages down. 

Thank you for sunset and sunrise, the crescent moon, the Milky Way so white and bright across the dark sky. For this breath of time, this gift of air. 

For all of it, more than enough. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  

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