The Lobsterman

The young lobsterman at the bar

Quotes Eliot and Proust 

And talks about tough

The kind of tough that is life out here

The life that no one respects 

Unless you spend a week out fishing

Puking like he did there by the lines

Everyday for a week until he didn’t anymore 

And joined his father and learned to fish

A contentment and contempt 

For this island where there is nothing here 

A young man might want 

A restlessness that by March 

Makes us all a bit stir crazy 

Out looking for something 

To stir up some trouble

On the mainland 

He writes poetry in coffee shops 

Where you can get away with such things

And not be laughed off the island

Where people call tough a misplaced cell phone 

Or intermittent cell service

Where work is expected to be easy

And respect doesn’t need to be earned

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