Life Moves On

This morning 

The pastor returns home

The niece flies back to school

The sunrise red brilliance  

Hidden now beneath an overcast sky

Life moves on

Pausing at the curb with a tearful hug 

The lake rising pink and smooth 

Now rippling and grey 

I go to find a warmer shirt

What I’m trying to say is that it’s not bad

Just different

And we, not unchanged by any of it 

Birds chirping where once was 

Only the loon’s lonely call

Now a silence 

which too is but a memory

Last night the lake was dotted with red and green lights of boats 

As we stood by the window watching fireworks

Bats flying back and forth across the porch

This early morning, I rise to say goodbye

And sit here watching the day opening

Not yet ready to move on

I pour a second cup of coffee 

Hold this moment 

Where everything is here

Everything still possible 

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