Ten Candle Power

It’s a 10 candle power morning

This faint first light of dawn when the robins start to sing

Spring is coming to the North Country

Down South the cherry blossoms have already come and gone

As Spring takes its slow time up here

A first sighting of daffodils on the road in Franconia 

This morning the woodcocks circling flight 

Stops us on the road

To watch their mating game

How quickly the days turn and turn back

Three eighty-degree days of summer 

Followed by a return to freezing this week

The surprise of a snow squall on the trail  

Winter not done with us yet

No, not before one last ski, one of the best of the season

But last week I declared an end of winter and took my skis out of the car

Loaded in my new gravel bike

As the neighbors bring their shiny summer car out of storage

The hills are turning from purple to red  

A bright green growing each day 

On the lawn across the street 

I run to spring, long for it 

As peepers slow me to a stop

To listen to their happy song

Meanwhile the withered brown oak leaves 

Still cling to the branches outside my window 

As they have all winter

Despite last night’s windstorm and rain, 

Last weekend’s snow

Tenacious leaves still holding to fall 

I awake to birdsong

Dreams dissipating as snow melts to grey fog 

Drifts up the hills at the far edge of town.  

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