The River

The Wisconsin River Sometimes saying YES makes all the difference. Last week I had a chance to say thank you one more time for a conversation and an invitation that led to my summer-turning-to-fall-trip-of-discovery. It was back in February when one drizzly Seattle afternoon I called Aram to introduce myself and talk with him about … Continue reading The River

The Booth

Here at General Synod of the United Church of Christ - our church's national gathering every two years - this year in Milwaukee. I'm here through next Tuesday. I have a "booth" in the exhibit area and yes, so many hands have been part of creating it. My mom who made the paper sailboats, my … Continue reading The Booth


Alas I never did meet Mayor Pete or even make it up to the campaign headquarters. But I did meet Pops, the security guard outside the building on the sidewalk this beautiful sunny day. It's Pops who tells me that no, you can't go up without an appointment. Pops is generous and spends some time … Continue reading Pops