The Booth

Here at General Synod of the United Church of Christ - our church's national gathering every two years - this year in Milwaukee. I'm here through next Tuesday. I have a "booth" in the exhibit area and yes, so many hands have been part of creating it. My mom who made the paper sailboats, my … Continue reading The Booth


Alas I never did meet Mayor Pete or even make it up to the campaign headquarters. But I did meet Pops, the security guard outside the building on the sidewalk this beautiful sunny day. It's Pops who tells me that no, you can't go up without an appointment. Pops is generous and spends some time … Continue reading Pops


This morning I woke early in a dark tent to the song of chattering birds. I don’t know exactly where I was or if I could find the campground again – somewhere in the green hills a few miles off the Southern Tier Expressway near Allegheny State Park, between Olean and Jamestown, New York. I’d … Continue reading Together


It’s been thirty years since I’d been to a Colgate Reunion. Thirty-five since I graduated in 1984. I have vague recollections of my 5th, thirty years ago – a warm day, a white tent, a plastic cup of yellow beer, a familiar brief exchange of “Hey, how ya doin’?”…”Good”….”Good” with some guys in my dorm … Continue reading Reunited


All across the country the winds are blowing The storms follow me everywhere Dayton, Lawrence, Iowa and Illinois Even here in upstate New York Another sign blown out. Tumultuous winds.


There is something about these spaces Here on the Plains This opening to wind and sky that makes something possible here Like this mosque and church and synogogue sharing ground together Where else does it happen but out here?, she asks, Where there is room enough for everything? I have made great circles through my … Continue reading Opening

No Fence

There is nothing here No fence, no marker, Just a brown gravel road, And new bright houses built these past years. No marker but the small Private Property sign That suggests that something possibly did That would bring others like me to stand here at the cross streets. I don't blame them. I too wouldn't … Continue reading No Fence