Change of Plans

I have not looked at “Boys’s Life” magazine since I was a Cub Scout many decades ago. But waiting at the dentist’s office, I glanced at the rack of magazines by the couch and saw the cover article on the current issue of “Boy’s Life”, “How to Be Prepared for a Last Minute Change in Weather.”

Always in search of an apt metaphor and advice to help me navigate my way into my own change of plans, I picked up the magazine.

All year long the Scouts had been looking forward to a trip to go winter camping in Montana. Alas, they never made it. Instead, a record breaking snowfall the day before they were to leave made the roads impassable and they had to cancel that trip. While they could have unpacked their bags of gear, put away their tents, axes, shovels and dreams. Instead they kept the car packed and headed off in a different direction for a wonderful weekend camping trip in the snow – and only an hour away.

Today as I head out, I am inspired by these Scouts. Keep all that you have prepared for the journey you didn’t take. Don’t unpack all that you had spent such time putting together, most especially your dreams. Take a look at the map and head off in that other direction and see what you discover. Perhaps like the Scouts, you too will find what you were looking for a lot closer to home.

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