Tacking to Joy

It’s such a gift to look back at this most amazing year. 18,000 miles on a road trip that began seven months ago – so many connections, conversations, new friends, new places and time to be with family and friends like I’ve never had before.

This year changed me. I’ve been following the Spirit’s call and tacking to joy, loving the gift of being in time and having time. For sure, I’ve stumbled along the way and been learning about the gift of mistakes to learn and grow.

This year has clarified the call I feel to offer my passion and gifts to empower communities and individuals in times of transition. I’m particularly drawn to the ministry of action and reflection that creates a brave space to risk, try new things, fail, get up, grow and be changed. I’ve had the privilege to offer this kind of ministry this year in coaching and spiritual guidance and leading sailing and church retreats on navigating change.

While my call to the ministry of change is clear, I don’t know what form and context this ministry will take. I’m expanding my ministry with individuals in spiritual guidance and coaching. I’m partnering with Broad Reach Ministries in Biddeford, Maine to lead another two day sailing retreat in July on Navigating Change and offering custom retreats for small groups in transition. I’m exploring opportunities in outdoor ministry and interim ministry and I’m continuing conversations to explore ways the church can empower clergy to end a ministry well and step out into a new chapter in life. I’ll keep you posted on what happens!

More than anything, this year enlivened and deepened my faith. And so, in this Advent season of such uncertainty and unknowing, I trust more than ever that through the nights of fear and trembling and days of wonder that a story is unfolding that heralds Good News for all of us.

I am so blessed that you have been there along the way.

Merry Christmas!


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